Glide Into Menopause Like A Queen

Are you frustrated by the bizarre changes that have seemingly come out of nowhere in your mid-thirties or forties?

Unfortunately, this is a hormonal transition that many women aren't prepared for, except in hushed whispers of how awful it was for so-and-so's sister. Fortunately, I'm sharing all the things no one ever told you in this Naturally Healthy Menopause Masterclass!

I'm so happy to meet you!

Lindsey Mashon

I am a mom of two busy boys and a wellness coach for driven, business running Mama's. My passion for moms developed after the birth of my oldest son and was reignited after my youngest son was born, as I struggled to juggle my home, my boys, and my business with a mountain of health struggles. After a year long haitus from my business in which I concentrated on my health and my babies, I knew that I didn't want other moms to have to choose between their health, their passions, and being a great mom. ​ As a mentor, I give my clients actionable tools to harness their health and hormones to create the thriving motherhood and life that they dream of, without adding more to-do's to the ever growing list!

Course curriculum

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    Naturally Healthy Menopause Webinar

    • The Masterclass

    • Masterclass Workbook

    • Disclaimer

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    • Is It Perimenopause- Quiz

    • Estrogen Dominance Fact Sheet

    • The Smart Woman's Guide to Menopause Labs

  • 3

    Boost Your Libido with Herbs- Mini Course

    • Coming Soon!

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    Next Steps...

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Say Goodbye to Hormonal Chaos

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